Engineered Spare Parts

In-House Manufacturing

Hydro Australia utilizes state-of-the-art technology to readily manufacture high quality, repeatable parts. With our coordinate measuring machine (CMM), CAD/CAM and CNC tools, we work together with station personnel to jointly develop a plan to maintain their equipment while minimizing inventory levels.

Hydro’s cost-effective parts program includes the auditing and analysis of existing inventory, using parts from the store room in our repairs, and manufacturing replacement parts for critical engineered pumps on an as-needed basis.

Cast Parts

Through Hydro Parts Solutions, Inc., a U.S.-based Hydro subsidiary, we can help our customers with difficult-to-source cast parts; such as impellers, diffusers, discharge heads, casings, bowls and suction bells. Hydro's process for providing cast parts involves:

  • Laser scanning and reverse engineering
  • Solid modeling
  • Hydraulic and metallurgical upgrades
  • Solidification simulation
  • Patternless casting
  • Precision sand mold printing
  • Casting metals that you specify
  • Machining and inspection processes
  • Testing to verify pump performance when required

Because almost all phases of the project are under the control and direction of Hydro, we can produce a higher quality part within a very responsive time frame.