Introducing Hydro Parts Solutions

Hydro Parts Solutions Inc. will support pump users with parts needs, including difficult-to-source cast parts such as impellers, diffusers, discharge heads, casings, bowls and suction bells.

NAB TV interviews Hydro, Inc. and Hydro Australia at Gippsland Innovation Festival

Hydro, Inc. President George Harris and Hydro Australia General Manager Ross Bertoli relive their initial meeting and how Hydro Australia was formed.

Hydro Reverse Engineering Process

Reverse engineering is the examination, testing and analysis of a component to define and document all of the parameters and critical attributes necessary to manufacture, repair or modify it.

Hydro Inc. Pump Disassembly Time Lapse Video

Check out this great time lapse video of Hydro, Inc.‚Äč disassembling a pump.